Annotated list of eBook contents

COMPUTATIONAL MODELLINGComputation in society, mathematics education & reform

NUMBER Numbers are beautiful!

MODELLING GROWTH PATTERNSAn example, and an interview with Western University applied mathematician Lindi Wahl

  • Odds & EvensGrowth/sum patterns in odd, even and natural numbers
  • Pay Options Which pay option would you prefer (you might be surprised!)
  • Modelling CivilizationHow can patterns in seed growth create a need for civilization? Modelling using Python and Jupyter Notebook

MODELLING LINEAR FUNCTIONS Interview with McMaster University mathematician Matheus Grasselli

MODELLING QUADRATICSInterview with Queen’s University mathematician Peter Taylor

MOTION WITH MATH + CODEMath moves – it really does!

  • Motion ArtPainting a pattern with objects that you move with math + code
  • Relative Density Art Will it Sink or Will it Float song; painting a pattern using relative density + math + code

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