1. The code at right does the following:

  1. Starts with the number sentence __ + __ = 10
  2. Randomly picks a value between -100 and 100 for the first number (x)
  3. Calculates the second number (y)
  4. Plots the ordered pair of the two numbers (x, y)
  5. Predict what the graph will look like and explain your reasoning


2. Try this code at Why do the (x, y) pairs line up even though the x values are random? Edit parameters to explore.


3. Try the code at right at Sample output shown below. Change parameters to investigate and determine how it works.



4. Write to explain the purpose of this block of code.


5. Write to explain the role of m and b in the code in #3 (above). Draw and label illustrative graphs on the grid below and refer to them in your explanations.



6. Study the code below. Write to describe what it does.


7. Run the code at Change m1 values to explore. Write to describe the effect of the negative reciprocal value of m2. Illustrate with a sketch.