motion art


Let’s learn how to create and paint with objects, by moving them around the canvas with math + code.


1. Go to

  • Let’s start by creating a point in the middle of the canvas.
  • Drag the ‘create point’ block from the ‘Canvas Objects’ category onto the blockly work area, and click ‘Run Code’.
  • Notice that Object 0 is now listed in the Object List. This is the Object you just created. Also notice that the coding area is empty, as Object 0 does not yet have any code attached to it.


2. Let’s give Object 0 some code and some motion!

  • Under the ‘Canvas Objects’ category, select the ‘Motion’ subcategory.
  • Here dx represents the Object’s horizontal rate of change (or speed).  Likewise, dy  represents the Object’s vertical rate of change.
  • Drag, drop the dx and dy blocks and set their values as shown at right. Press Run Code to see how this code makes Object 0 move.


3. Let’s give the path the Object paints some colour.

  • Edit your code for Object 0, as shown below.

  • Press Run Code to see the result.
  • The point should now be moving along the screen and gradually changing its colour as it moves along. The final product should look something like this:


4. Try some more Motion Art with Math+Code.